Homeward sound — 5 Comments

  1. Still the same noises although some maybe louder, added to the sound of lawn mowers in the summer. The sheep are in the field opposite the house, and the Blackies are making their usual noises.

  2. Yes the Blackbird making a row always reminds me of home,when the blackbirds would be screeching at the cat down in the orchard…..and Vig’ Webbs ‘series 2’ 109″ Land Rover with the tractor exhaust sticking through the bonnet chugging by….

  3. Childhood sounds…heavenly sounds, I hope they are not the same. I am always fascinated by the way people imagine heaven to be. Much as I try no image comes to me.

  4. I think it depends on your childhood, Grannymar. The sounds of growing up in the English West Country were sounds of a world that was safe. We could, and did, go where we wanted without our parents worrying. The countryside was a place filled with happiness and adventure. If heaven is not a place of absolute security, then it is not heaven.

  5. I must admit as I sit here quiet, Sunday morning, Lorikeets chirping and magpies chortling and the horses standing waiting to be fed with a quiet whinny every time they catch a glimpse of a human . . I’ll miss this place when we finally leave. It does have a feeling of safety and peace.

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