Patronal celebrations — 3 Comments

  1. Happy St Pats to you to Ian, glad the sun was shining and you had the chance to walk by that water in the safety of daylight!

  2. Don’t be sick in Ireland, is right.

    That €100 charge for A&E is outrageous. The HSE recently announced that the number of people attending A&E has fallen by 5 per cent since the decision to increase the charge. I know for a fact that people are choosing to take big risks with their health (outside of GP hours) because of the costs involved. I wonder what percentage of people end-up needing expensive in-patient hospital care as a result of neglecting their health through inability to pay?

    I hope your friend survived the system okay. I’m sure your familiar face will have been welcome in the lonely chaos that is A&E.

  3. A & E is grim and the €100 charge is an insult. It is only payable by people who are already propping up the country with their taxes. A friend took her child, who had become feverish to one A & E. They sat five hours for her to be told there was no cause for concern and for her to be told that payment must be made before they left.

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