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  1. Indeed, there is still a practice of measuring anything and anyone based on ‘productivity’ though. I’m not sure I want to be excessively productive, it seems one of those things that is never enough, the beast must be fed continuously. I much prefer the idea of doing something for the sake of doing it, rather than for the accumulation of wealth, I wonder how many people, if they pause to think (and think hard) about it would feel the same? Still, nothing undermines your good sense like the sight of your neighbour getting rich I guess, even if the current state of affairs results in a good number re-evaluating their views on life, on the next upswing it’ll be blown away by the winds of wealth. I’ve given up looking for freedom through money, too much like hard work. I think freedom is in your own head mostly, you just have to think about it the right way, and worry less (that’s just borrowing trouble, haven’t we all borrowed enough already?)

  2. I stayed in Saint George’s House (part of Windsor Castle) for ten days back in 2007. Worship each day was in the extraordinary beauty of the Castle chapel (which is the size of a cathedral). There were parts of the medieval stonework, invisible from view, that had been carved with incredible intricacy – work done for the sake of it (I suppose, if you were a medieval stonemason, it would be assumed God was watching you). The work would not be done now.

    In Britain, Mr Blair added counting and measuring everything to Mrs Thatcher’s cash valuation of everything. We have an avalanche of statistics and not one iota more of wisdom. Ireland seems to be going down that path: policies, assessments and reports, endless paperwork in which human beings disappear. A friend mutters that we know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

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