Inalienable rights — 4 Comments

  1. This is simply shocking. In 2009 this should not be happening. The authorities should be able to stop it, however we all know it goes on but what can we do to stop it. Should we send the violent partner for treatment or should they be locked up for life.

    Sad, very sad.

  2. There is an appalling sense of helplessness. Last summer the same woman told me that her daughter had been scalded on both arms by spilling a kettle and the hospital had dressed both arms – how does a child scald both arms by spilling a kettle? The social services are involved but seem powerless.

  3. When I did my training as a victim support visitor the issue of domestic violence came up. I remember Bob saying to us not to condemn somebody for staying as often the only option was for the woman to walk out with a couple of black bags, the children and a fear of what lay ahead. This was often in the dead of night after the partner has been on a binge. Bob had been a policeman and seemed to know well the truth of the situation. Incredibly depressing stuff.

  4. The only progress in ten years is that she would no longer say, ‘I walked into a door’.

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