Not knowing the names of things — 11 Comments

  1. Those flower components stay in my mind too Ian. I really enjoy reading about life on the Blaskets from all the writers.

  2. My kids complained bitterly about the Blaskets – making fun of poor old Peig!

  3. I tought it was just me. I know one tree – a horse chestnut and that only when there are conkers under it. Somebody could put conkers under another tree and I would think that was a horse chestnut. My flower knowledge is only a little better and as for that thing you pulled up I’ve never even heard of it let alone know what it looks like. Mrs Upham used to take us for long walks and point out plaants and trees but apart from a few wild flowers I don’t remember much. Now Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations published in 1776 and various works of Edwin Chadwick in the 1830s -1840s seem to stick in the mind better. I wonder why. I still find looking at plants and trees a wonderful experience but just wish I couold remember their names.

  4. Christmas tree! You would know one of those, there are presents underneath.

  5. I knew dandelions & buttercups. We had apple trees and a monkey puzzle that never grew, because the boys knocked the top off every time they jumped over it!

    I have various shrubs in my garden now that go by the name of whoever gave them to me.

  6. Helps if your parents are keen gardeners! Although I tend to be the other way round and cultivate weeds thinking they might be some exotic wildflower until it becomes obvious, they’re weeds!

  7. I was lucky in my formative years, to have a husband and wife duo of teachers who managed to capture my imagination with their love of nature. I LOVED the nature walks we did but if I were really honest, I’d admit that the ‘picnic’ lunch we were allowed to bring on those days, was also a BIG attraction 😀

  8. Other considerations were always important! Our school went to a church service once a year, on Ascension Day, and then we got the day off, which embedded those services in the memory.

  9. Ian…..all those old school jokes about my surname bring a smile to my face……I have been a weed on more than one occasion…hahaha !!!
    Do you remember before having the day off on Ascension Day having the treat of going up the Church Tower? It was a real treat, I bet ‘elf and safety wouldn’t allow the kids up there now!!!!!!!

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