This is Ireland — 3 Comments

  1. Personally I think the most appropriate form of protest would be to withdraw any cash we have deposited with the banks the government is busy propping up. It’s legal, if enough do it then it’s effective and if they go under they no longer need our money to bail them out. That would be democracy in action.

  2. GroUp’s got a ‘take it out and put it under the bed’ campaign running across the blogosphere! I would if I could, but I can’t so I won’t! Sadly I can see a rise in Irish emigration . .your talent pool will leave for sunnier climes! All this talk of billions – I can’t conceive what a million looks like let alone a billion – we’re talking monopoly money!

  3. GrowUp, I’d like to have some money to take out of somewhere. I do have €300 in the Educational Building Society, but the rest of my bank balances are in their favour.

    Baino, I’m going to have to get help to save your comments from being composted. I wish we were talking monopoly money, we might have a chance of passing ‘Go’ and replenishing the coffers.

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