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  1. When I lived in Greece I was often surprised at what he Orthodox priests used to do. On the first day of the month they used to visit people’s houses to bless them. They were paid for this. I had often wondered how they managed to drive around in such big fancy cars and live in fancy houses this answered my question. It seemed often that that was the only parish visiting that took place because there were many priests there who seemed to spend the entire day sitting in the kafeinio drinking coffee or ouzo and playing backgammon. Something just didn’t seem quite right about this.

  2. I think it’s rather sweet that priests are prepared to visit people in their own homes, not sure about praying for house sales fame and fortune though. Pastoral care seems to be a thing of the past over here. It’s been a long time since the Vicar came to tea! And I’ve got a nice set of Shelley bone China to boot!

  3. I was given the name zina cordelia at birth and was on the internet looking for two lost sisters when i happened to come across the the black cordelias 5 bob site after looking into it further i came across this page. I dont know what to tell you but i believe i am offended i have been black all my life an a cordelia and not because anyone paid 5 bob for me. An the idea that a black person couldnt or wouldnt be name cordelia without the 5 bob is really sick

  4. I agree with you – the post is an attack on such attitudes, which came out of strange ideas about religion.

    The attitude of Europeans towards Africans was so patronising that such stuff used to go on. In Ireland people used to talk about collecting money for ‘black babies’.

    I was in Rwanda and Burundi in June and July. Many Europeans are still patronising, except that they now come in flashy cars, stay in expensive hotels, and have posh air conditioned offices, and tell Africans what to do.

    I met a group of people who were visiting villages where people’s incomes were no more than a few dollars a week – they were staying in a hotel that cost 150 dollars a night.

  5. Sorry, I don’t see what’s so offensive. Africa is the charity case of the world. It is offensive that the White nations used the term “black babies” to describe the black babies they were rescuing from poverty and disease?? As for the Brideshead quote, I hope all are aware that it is fiction, but even if it were true, I think it’s a beautiful idea. If you could name an orphan after you that would create such a nice bond and probably encourage future financial support.

  6. As a Christian, I believe that we are all made in the image of God and that we are saved by God’s grace in Jesus Christ, so that every single person is a “charity” case.

    As for having an orphan named after oneself, it is contradictory to Jesus clear teaching in Saint Matthew Chapter 6, that giving should be in secret.

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