Will the Gardai seize our Prayer Books? — 9 Comments

  1. Such a law would inevitably be used by certain groups. Danish cartoonists would be banned.

  2. Congratulations on your award. Just have to get the synod one again now.

  3. Should I have said congratulations on your nomination. I only saw the last two images of the side bar and thought you’s won. good luck.

  4. Surely the articles were written at a time when the Protestant faith had a huge beef with the Papacy. Seems a bit old fashioned these days. Mind I had no idea they existed. Aren’t we all part of the Holy Catholic Church. Still the Pope’s an ass stuck in a middle age ivory tower . .there come and get me if you will!

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  6. Agree with you, Baino, but the Pope has not shifted one inch from what appears to many people to be medieval thought.

  7. How can something be truthful in the past but not be truthful today!

  8. Truth has always been something that unfolded through the centuries – as any study of the history of science demonstrates.

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