Nathan not welcome — 6 Comments

  1. Nice one, Ian! Hear, hear! If you’re going to General Synod, shout it from the roof tops, that we want prophecy not platitudes!

  2. I completely agree. A person who is worrying about affording heat, medicine or even food for the table should take precedence over everything. Whether somebody is gay or not does not affect how decent a person they are or anything else. Can’t some of these people get over themselves and work at what really matters?

  3. Well said Rev. Definitely should be a focus at the Synod. The preoccupation with sex and sin is jut a little old fashioned I think, there are far more important things on the agenda. Amazing how being selective with the Bible can skew such things.

  4. Cohen was much favoured by the intellectuals during my university days, particularly the women. Not being an intellectual and having Philistine tastes – Tamla Motown – I never learned his lyrics!

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