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  1. Les, I have mellowed! In times past I would have told the bloke who went out four times that he should see his doctor about his prostate problem. I don’t know why he didn’t just go and join those who were standing.

  2. Ian…who were the band you went to see??? you’re beginning to sound like me…grumpy old men!!! is it because we are of that age???? 18 is the legal age for tattoos over here….You’ll have to come over for the Sidmouth Folk Festival if you want to see some good bands in a civilised manner!!!and as for……Christy Moore…brilliant….dont need to drink alcohol…his music is intoxicating enough…Cheers from Your Grumpy Old school friend

  3. Good grief. My Irish friend is constantly complaining about the prices of things in Dublin but 6.50 for a beer! Wouldn’t be tolerated here there’d be open revolt! I dont get why anyone needs a drink at a concert. Have one before and after or during intermission but pay the performer the courtesy of your attention during the show. No wonder you were cranky pants!

  4. Rip Off Republic! The people at the 02 still haven’t caught on that the times have changed – there were a huge number of empty seats.

  5. This is why Sprucefield Sainsbury’s is full of Southern cars according to the press. Can’t say I blame people. I’d be doing the same.

  6. That really is outrageous !
    i thought 4 euro for a bag of chips and 4.60 for
    a pint in donegal was bad !!!

    yeap-women do smuggle in drink in their handbags-
    that is as old as the hills !

  7. Worst I ever heard was someone going to a function with his wife and ordering two glasses of wine while they waited in the hotel bar – €17.

    Women didn’t used to need to smuggle drink in, they could afford the bar prices!

  8. Yeah- 17 euro is crazy for two glasses of wine.
    Although i did pay seven euro for a bag of chips at
    a horse race once !
    I know someone who paid 14 pounds (old money)
    for ! burger at the ploughing championships !!!

    Your right, they didnt have to smuggle it in……
    Us men were foolish enough to buy it for them !!!! 🙂

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