Travel dangers — 4 Comments

  1. Ah now I get your Denholm Elliot profile picture on facebook. I wonder what they say about Belfast. It all seems just a bit mad.

  2. Paula, I’m with you – I was looking at the facebook picture and wondering what the connection was.
    Ian – I know it all seems a bit far-fetched, but just listen to the advice and keep yourself safe…who else is going to write Santa letters to my children if you go and get yourself carted off by a tribe of Burundians (?) because they mistakenly think you were sent by the Gods to be the supreme leader. Just think, you could be found in years to come living like a king with 30 brides feeding you grapes and fanning you with palm leaves.

  3. They are a very worldly wise lot there. Your more likely fate if you ended up in the wrong company on the Congo border is to be found dead minus your possessions, leaving the British embassy the task of repatriating your remains.

  4. I still think you’re better safe than sorry. Travel warnings are a bit over the top at the best of times and you can usually avoid the places that are contentious, the most recent for us was Bangkok during the coup but travel to Phuket was fine. If you’re offered an escort, go with it.

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