Talking to ourselves — 4 Comments

  1. I had exactly the same problem with my previous employer who poo-poo’d tabloid TV and newspapers and was TOTALLY out of touch with his client’s needs and wants. You might not like what you read or watch but bet you’re life, a huge proportion of the population are also watching and reading the same thing! If Jesus was the man I think he was, he’d be writing in the Big Issue and helping the homeless to support themselves with the proceeds!

  2. Jesus was a working man, definitely a Sun reader! Big Issue has lots of middle class writers, not many chippies in their ranks.

  3. An excellent piece of writing there, most enjoyable and interesting.
    I can see so much of this within our COI today – and many other denominations
    too. I particulary like the idea that Jesus would have been a sun reader !
    Thanks again for a great piece.

  4. I’m not sure I like the idea of Jesus as a Sun reader (I don’t like Murdoch politics), but if that’s where the people are, I think that’s where he would be.

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