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  1. Crikey has a year gone by already. It doesn’t seem but weeks since he left school. I didn’t engage much at uni either. I regret it now. Probably because I lived close to the campus and came home every day so never really got into the lifestyle. It’ll be nice to have him home! (Not so small I suspect!)

  2. Change at Gillingham for the Slow and Dirty – I remember it well! The LSE too – I was at the sit-in in solidarity: that was when I twigged the Tory press are habitual liars.

  3. Betjeman’s ‘All change at Evercreech Junction’ is watchable in three parts on YouTube. Wonderful footage of the SDR

  4. I have finished my first year in college-
    travelled back and forth about 40 miles each way everyday.
    Never once stayed over or went out during the year.
    Perhaps its something i should have done- and perhaps i will regret it. I guess i do miss out on the lifestyle- although
    i could find myself doing more of the lifestyle and less of the college 🙂 – so maybe its better this way !

  5. Maybe it’s the difference between being lonely and being solitary. I used to feel very lonely in college days, used to go to things by myself because there was no-one else to go with. As the years have passed, I find I quite like being solitary at times, there’s no-one else to mess things up. I knew a great character in the North who was a real solitary:

  6. I think there certainly is a difference between the two-I can spend many a happy hour sitting on a riverbank
    fishing , totally solitary and i love it. While yet at the same time, i can be at a disco and be surrounded by hundreds of people and feel totally alone. I think the feeling of loneliness is a lot less when you are in your ‘comfort zone’ i.e home. But thats not to say you cant be lonely at home either- it does happen.

    I agree with you one hundred percent, in that, one of my reasons I like being solitary is there is nobody to mess it up or to annoy you. Nobody constantly blabbering on that you feel compelled that you actually must answer them etc.

    I do like the company of people, i know i do, but only for short periods, most of the time i like to work or do whatever on my own. Something that worries me is , how do people cope with marriage? How does someone spend so much time with someone and not get fed up with their company?

    I remeber back to a time when I could barely go to the toliet without my girlfriend ringing me or texting me to see what i was at, and if i was 2 or 3 mins late in texting, she would text me to text back ! I hated that so much – really put me off long term relationships.

    I do hope that she was a special case, because she gave me the opinion that long term relationships and marriage even – would be too claustraphobic. While i feel marriage is a good thing- I feel theres a great risk to take – with things not working out and its a bit too late to find out that its not for you when your married ! Also, as the bible doesnt condone divorce for the reason of not getting on with your partner or other such reasons- you could be trapped or forced into a situation that you wouldnt want to be in.

    Would make you wonder how right the saying ‘Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all ‘.

    Sorry, about going off on a tangent and such a long post, i was just writing this down as it entered my mind. Thanks for your link- i found it quite interesting.

  7. I got married when I was 22 and am married 26 years! Making space to be yourself as well as being part of a couple is important.

  8. Congratulations on that and hope you both have many more.
    I think you have summed that up quite well, i was once told the secret of staying together is, spending time apart, not spending every minute possible with each other.

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