Getting a haircut for Jesus — 5 Comments

  1. Ah if only we could get beyond appearances, imagine the bigotry that would be instantly dissolved. . I sometimes wish we all looked the same and were judged by our words and actions not our appearance.

  2. It would be great – but with the combined power of the advertising, cosmetics and fashion industry, it’s not likely to happen!

  3. This is basically what i say to my mother- God see’s every other day of the week, so why should i dress up for him today?
    Its just an interesting point i bring up with mum,

    Also I believe people shouldnt judge people by their appearance, i have seen people who have came scruffy into church ( and they are people who wouldnt be in church often and would be a big effort for them to come) and people look and stare and talk about them, but dont welcome them or talk to them. I feel this is highly unchristian and is very of putting for that person.

    By the way- most of the time i belong to and think like the poets you describe 🙂

  4. It’s OK to look like a poet. The problem arises when you try to deal with people who expect you to look like a policeman.

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