The funny ways of justice — 3 Comments

  1. Ah I remember you mentioning the incident. You must admit it did ‘look’ bad. If only he hadn’t been abusive he’d probably have got away with it. Then if only he hadn’t been a traveller, he’d probably have got away with it. I’d write your third last paragraph! His only real crime was being stopped by the Garda, otherwise he’d have gone his ‘merry’ way.

  2. Never mind stricter controls on young people who carry knives in public places!
    Possession of a slash hook, at the dead of night, while intoxicated. Then to engage in threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour that leads to obstruction of the Garda Síochána, and failure to comply with a lawful direction to desist from acting in such a manner. Even to the use of unlawful violence to impress the circumstances of one’s predicament upon the officers. Uh-oh!
    As the matter is currently at the discretion of an Irish Court, and not “the law west of the Pecos”, I hope the terrible plight of this Traveller, who may be better described citizen if not actually innocent (until proven guilty), causes no further distress to his luckless family.
    Until the Judge persuades him to impart a ‘reasonable excuse’, whatever it be you write, he might again endanger himself or any other person in his vicinity. Being a Traveller is not ‘reasonable cause’ otherwise that would, indeed, be ‘funny’ justice.

  3. Lindsey, your silly habit of using made up email addresses means that everyone of your comments ends up in the Spam filter.

    Should you imagine this brings you anonymity, I can tell your location, your browser, the Windows programme you are using and even your screen resolution.

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