The person at the front of the classroom is real — 8 Comments

  1. Ian are you sure about Miss Rabbages car? I remember her having a black Standard 10, Miss Everitt drove a light blue Ford Anglia..(the Harry Potter shape) Just an insight into one summer holiday…I was working for Cy Bradfield the gardener when I was about 15, and one summer holiday we had to landscape Miss Everitts back garden…She made the most wonderfully refreshing black lemon tea….I think she was just happy spending her holidays in her garden….Miss Rabbages neatly kept garden is now a mess and her little wooden garage is I think gone……And playing at the bottom of the school field in the copse between the field and Cliff Crossmans garden field was much more fun….Thanks for the memories Ian..

  2. I remember the Standard: very austere black with very shiny chrome. I think there was an A35 after that and then maybe an Austin 1100. The last time I saw Miss Rabbage was 1982, at a church service in Low Ham, she must have come back for some occasion. Maybe it was the harvest festival.

  3. I love that you had a teacher called Miss Rabbage . .I had a sixth class teacher called Mr Vague . .and indeed he was. I’ve grown up with teachers being a failed one myself and believe me, they’re looking forward to the break . . .best part time job in the world (don’t throw rotten fruit please) You boys have the most amazing long term memory! My favourite was my year 11 biology teacher Mr Jones . .yeh right! Maybe!. . .we ended up going to university together. Now that was weird!

  4. There wasn’t much else to do in our village except notice things! I bet Les and I could sit down with pencil and paper and write the names of almost the entire population of the village in 1970!

  5. Now there’s a challenge Ian…..If I get across to see you sometime that would create a few laughs over a few jars….I had a flash of why Miss Rabbage had a very neat garden…I think Bert Wheadon (bicycle and beret) used to tend to it…..Memories aahhh

  6. Oh and I bet we could also remember what make of tractor each of the farmers had too!!!!!

  7. I wondered about the garden – never having any memory of Miss Rabbage doing gardening, despite passing the house countless times. I had forgotten Bert; did he live up in the village?

  8. Yes he lived in St Andrews Close, in one of the bungalows, I shall never forget I was about 6 or 7 and my chain had come off my bicycle and I didn’t have a clue how to put it back on, Bert came along on his bicycle, stopped and put it back on for me.
    Totally off thread but I went up to Somerset today to see Mother and noticed that the windmill is going through a refurb, the sails were off, reminded me of when we were kids when it didn’t have sails for years…..

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