Coping with a bad week — 4 Comments

  1. Isn’t it odd that many people seem to consider it to be a right to say anything to, or about, anyone without thought for either the content of what they say or the effect on the audience. Facebook is sometimes a forum for hate filled comments that are in conflict with the author’s vocation. Your reminders from BCP are useful.

  2. I find Facebook disturbing. I wonder if this is really where people are at. If the things said on Facebook were to be repeated at an actual public meeting, there would be grounds for disciplinary action, not that the bishops take action about anything these days.

  3. I’ve actually “closed” some of the “friends” on facebook so that I can’t see the comments and the following conversations regularly. They appear on Tweetdeck and that’s more than enough! When did bishops last do any disciplining? Who tries to maintain a standard? There seem to be an awful lot of people with a great deal of hatred and anger who feel it their right to allow it all to spill out in a public forum. “Disturbing” is a good word.

  4. There is a recent edition of George Herbert’s ‘A Priest to the Temple’; I bought a copy last year. Herbert gave up a seat in parliament to be rector of a small rural parish and strove to serve God to the best of his ability in that little place (he died three years after being ordained). When the church becomes depressing, I find Herbert an inspiration

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