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  1. I meant to tell you before you left but a friend of Clare’s was in Africa last year in Tanzania and the kids went mad for hair ties (elastic) and pens . . .that’s all they wanted because their hair go in their eyes at school and they were working with pencils or chalk . . It’s a whole different world out there.

  2. The Southern Cross and the Plough both, but then you must be close to the equator!

    Challenge us, Ian! Tell us what the people you are meeting need from us in an Ireland still part of the rich world. Am I right to feel ashamed and outraged that Ireland’s overseas development aid has been slashed by more than the contraction in GDP?

  3. One of the most depressing things was the extravagance of the big aid agencies with their city centre offices and their big jeeps. The UN were even worse, a huge black hole for funds.

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