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  1. What different perceptions we have! For me, radio has always been comforting. As a child, Mrs Dales’ Diary, the Archers and Life with the Lyons after Sunday lunch. And I’m still reassured to find new generations of Archers on the dial when I visit Britain. As a teenager, Radio Luxembourg on the tranny under the bedclothes – Horace Batchelor from Keynsham… And still I find reassurance from the familiar voices on Morning Ireland, no matter how dire the News may be!

    Now childhood memories of air-raid sirens being tested – that still makes me shiver!

  2. Many years ago, Well over sixty years anyway, our ‘Wireless’ was a box 2 feet high, 18 inches wide and 18 inches deep, it was a source of information and entertainment, bringing us messages from Lord Haw Haw in Germany, and great comedy shows such as Itma and Happidrome, and drama such as Saturday Night Theatre and Appointment with Fear – Who could have lived without the Wireless

  3. I loved radio and still do! With it I make my own pictures, unlike TV where we are given what someone else wants us to see!

  4. We only had the ‘wireless’ when I was a young boy, I also remember with fondness ‘The Archers’ and was convinced that they all lived in Hambridge (a village in Somerset..Ian knows) and Mrs Dales diary which I seem to remember was on in the afternoons, but nothing could beat listening to Saturday Night Theatre in my Grans room with the oil lamp casting its shadows on the walls…

  5. I have no less than four personal radios myself (not counting the one in the car and the household ones!) and listen a lot, but I still get spooked at times. I have a digital radio that picks up the RTE digital channels which seem almost completely automated and with very little human input. I find shortwave the most disconcerting; voices that seem from a different world.

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