Last day at school — 5 Comments

  1. My father visited his old school 40 years after he left and one of the teachers had been a fellow student! I’ve never felt the urge and like you, leaving school at 11 was no big deal. These days there are sixth grade formals for heavens sakes with 11 year olds hiring cars and suits! Crazy.

  2. The concept of ‘childhood’ was very much a Victorian invention, before that you were simply a person of younger years (and did your share of the work!). I think, in some quarters, it has now been carried to an almost ridiculous degree, where children’s every whim must be indulged.

  3. Starting the ‘big’ school in the September was a bit of a shock. I always remember being a bit nervous after being told all the stories about what happens to the new intake……I must sat that all I can remember of the last day of school was 6 whole weeks of fun!!!!

  4. I only really remember it because someone left their coat behind and Mr Britten said it would have to wait until September

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