I’m tired of sex — 3 Comments

  1. By the sounds of things I doubt that it is at the top of the list of the poor of Rwanda, your colleague should think himself lucky he has the luxury of voicing his opinion and not worrying about where the next meal is coming from…. I admire the work you do for the poor Ian….

  2. Thanks, Les. I can always walk away from a scene, though, climb back into a jeep, get on a plane, return to comfort and affluence. The guys who just work on in such circumstances without ever becoming despondent are extraordinary.

  3. Tired of sex with good reason I think Ian. I was recently ‘berated’ for tarring NGO’s with the same brush after making a huge ‘nobody cares’ generalisation. Unfortunately, the noisy minority become the sqeaky wheels that get all the attention while the good guys just do most of the work. They are indeed extraordinary, Christian or otherwise.

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