2p conversations — 5 Comments

  1. The phones used to have an A and B slot, what were they for?
    I wonder how many important things were said for 2p?

  2. I know the answer to that question! When I began college in Dublin in 1983, we still had black phones with Buttons A and B at the end of the corridors of our student rooms. It took eight 10p pieces for a three minute call to the North, connection was via the operator who told you to push Button A once you were connected. Button B was to get your money back if there was no answer.

    I suppose the 2p call allowed more words than the average text message.

  3. Oh I remember the A & B buttons too! England wouldn’t be England without the red phone boxes! Although I’m happy these days that I can Skype for free rather than that awful overseas delay and $7 for 3 minutes!

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