Flying Fords in Minnesota — 3 Comments

  1. Everything that has happened to Keillor has happened to other people – younger too.

    Older people can fly too.

  2. I don’t take your dark interpretation of imagination Ian. I still have it, I’m still a romantic and imagine kicking over telegraph poles by sticking my leg out of the window when I’m a passenger in a car. My horses are sometimes unicorns and I live in a fantasy world quite regularly when I’m home alone and free to be me with nobody watching. I guess that’s the difference, I don’t dance like a fairy in front of shop windows anymore but I ‘feel it’.

  3. There’s a line in The Guernsey Potato Peel Pie and Literary Society about the child kit having not reached the dark ‘Age of Reason’. Being a cold rationalist at heart, it was something that struck very forcibly.

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