The rule of madmen — 3 Comments

  1. I very much enjoyed this entry about Francis Sheehy-Skeffington. It’s always been a telling tale amidst all the other madness. And lucky you/good for you to have a teenage daughter so well informed about it all.
    In contrast I was at a pub quiz at my local earlier, after which the landlord’s question (for money) was: What percentage did Saddam Hussein get in the last election he was involved in in Iraq?
    I encouraged some girls a little older than teenage to join in – hey, what harm guessing, they might win £20. But they were baffled. Give us a clue, said one, did he win or did he lose?
    To be fair, no-one else got it right either.
    It’s something I can tuck away along with my knowledge of the colour of a giraffe’s tongue.

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  3. Hi Paul,

    The Sheehy- Skeffington story always seemed to have an extra touch of sadness about it. It’s hard to imagine what went through his mind at such lunacy.

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