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  1. It’s a rhetorical question really.
    How do you keep up such a high volume, frequency and quality in your blogging?

    Actually, I do have a theory. You’ve shrunk and stolen Italo Calvino and Sean O’Faolain and hidden one in your left jacket pocket, and the other in the right. They keep feeding you lines in exchange for mature cheese parings and slivers of chocolate.

  2. The blogging arises from a very dull life (and nobody much reads it, anyway – there was a grand total of 40 visits yesterday according to Google Analytics)

    A friend suggested one time that I contact the ‘Sunday Business Post’, a Dublin newspaper, about writing a column. They didn’t so much as acknowledge the letter 🙁

    I loved Calvino’s ‘If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller’ – the disconnection between the episodes captured wonderfully well a feeling familiar in contemporary life.

  3. More visits than I got. I know it’s necessary, but the deposit of €150 puts me off availing of them, I’ll stick with my own €90 bike and an 8 mile commute.

  4. Half my visits are family or members of the parish!

    It’s Herself that rides the bike. Her ministry is dotted around the city centre – including Mountjoy and the mater as well as her church in Cathal Brugha Street so being able to pick up and leave off bikes in convenient places is a great boon.

    They don’t actually take the €150 off you unless you fail to return the bike, so the only cost if your journeys take no longer than the first half hour which is free, is the €10 registration.

  5. You had me running to check my credit card lest I was minus 150 quid! No, there’s no charge.

    From the Dublin Bikes website:

    “On subscription, you also authorise the provider to request a €150 guarantee from your account. This amount will not be debited unless the bike is not returned after a period of 24 hours”.

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