The winner came eighth — 2 Comments

  1. All very mysterious. Sounds a bit like multi-member constituencies in a PR election. I think someone I voted for in Dublin got in on the eighth count, once upon a time. He went on to become a minister.
    Or perhaps the parallel is more exact – politics, horse racing – neither famed for their transparency and incorruptibility.

  2. I think I understood the rule in the end – it was to prevent a stable fixing a result if it had more than one horse in the race.

    At the last General Election election in Dublin Central, Cyprian Brady came ninth with just 939 votes (one seventh of the quota for election), but managed to be elected to the fourth and final seat with huge transfers.

    If there are rules governing our destinies they are so obscure and arbitrary that I think it’s safer to assume freewill than predestination.

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