Origins and eleven year olds — 4 Comments

  1. I am aware that this makes me sound like a wooly liberal – and a lazy one at that – but there is a fine school of thought that says ‘whatever makes you happy…’

    A great many Christian people with whom I associate appear to be so ‘settled’ in their belief that they don’t even feel the need to try to engage others in discussion. The Church of England appears to be a great big middle-class security blanket.

  2. ‘Whatever makes you happy’ is very post-modern! If everything is relative, and there are no absolutes, then a utilitarian approach to happiness makes sense.

    Not having lived in England since 1983, I don’t know much about the Church of England. The “Church Times” which comes by post each week conveys a sense of an organization preoccupied with itself, though that probably applies as much to churches here.

  3. I often find that children have a pragmatic approach to this question. In one compartment, they can happily rhyme off orthodox Christian biblical stories while in church, Sunday school, religion in school, whatever. In the other compartment, they live according to more rational thought and the web of human relations around them. The first doesn’t undermine, nor even impinge on, the second.

  4. It’s not only children who compartmentalise, I find adults do it as well. It can mean that the faith of even a very devout person may in no way inform the ethical decisions they take.

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