Sermon for Sunday, 18th October 2009 (19th after Trinity/Pentecost 20/Proper 24) — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Ian. If I thought that I could hear such a sermon from my local pulpit I would attend each Sunday. I should point out that I am a total non-believer. Having said that, I believe you are right in emphasing that we have free will, or freedom of choice as you put it, and that such freedom brings resonsibility. Forgive me, but where I part company with you is the belief, as I read your sermon, in an all seeing God. For me, if such a God existed, and that space and time are as one, and if it can all be seen in a moment, implies a futility of existence. An ultimate futility.
    Anyway, looking forward to next week!.

  2. But if Einstein is correct and past, present and future are meaningless concepts, then, without God, the universe simply happens without meaning or purpose – which, I think would be Dawkins’ view of the cosmos. The Christian view is that there is a presence that permeates that event.

  3. Were God inclined to jinxes, I’m not sure why he would attack the CERN project; the finding of the Higgs particle would be a great demonstration of how limited and partial has been human understanding of the cosmos.

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