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  1. But the hard-hat lives on…….and now its the Hi-Vis jacket, safety boots,safety glasses,ear defenders and gloves as well!!!!! Ian I remember seeing Spaghetti junction under construction when we visited my Fathers relations in Great Barr, just a couple of miles from the junction….

  2. I wondered about the priest needing the hard hat. He would hardly have been on an area of the site where work was taking place. I assume it was put on for the sake of the photo, it doesn’t seem to fit him too well!

  3. Indeed, industrial sized. None of the strips cut from detergent bottles for priests in those days.

    The poor man had probably been sent away from Ireland for having too liberal views!

  4. It may have been a requirement then that only visitors were required to wear hard hats…..and if he was in a construction area that is why he was wearing it,I would imagine health and safety for workers was pretty lapse in that era… collar!!! Love it Bock!!!

  5. It’s odd how they dressed then – quite formal some of them in their sports jackets, even if they were grimy and ragged. I spent two summers at Kelway’s in the days when some of the workers would come in with ties on., and one man always arrived in jacket and tie even if he was going to spend the day out working in the fields.

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