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  1. Quite so. I was today informed about online bullying and intimidation between neighbours in an apartment block. It would appear that neither party has met, well not intentionally, but are indispute over a minor disagreement of opinion expressed on the apartment complex “intranet” site.

    Technology has developed new forms of dispute.

    I wonder if they have ever met, ever been introduced to each other, done business together as in the real world they could exist as friends but in the virtual world they are enemies.

    The issue with facebook etc is that we must conform such as complete all questions on our profile to be 100 per cent complete whereas in real life no one is 100 per cent complete.

  2. Love in ‘real’ life is dificult enough, hoping to find it through the newspaper or Internet would be a huge challenge. On saying that, I do know of three couples who met through the Internet and have married : /

  3. I did a wedding blessing in 2002 for a couple who had met on the Net – they had already had their marriage service in the US, but wanted a celebration here.

    ‘Time Out’ magazine in London used to have wonderfully exotic ‘lonely hearts’ columns (maybe it still does), some of the ads would have caused you to wonder sometimes.

    My initial concerns about Facebook came not from someone trying to reinvent themselves as a sex symbol, but from someone making odd claims about their work experience.

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