Have the English lost it completely? — 10 Comments

  1. Interesting article. I consider myself of sound mind and body but I admitted to my wife last night that I felt like crying while driving home from work yesterday evening – no I am not about to suffer a breakdown, nor am I on the verge of one – but to keep ones head held high, to keep in good form is increasingly difficult in today’s climate. It is impossible to escape the bad news out there. Switch off the radio but you still pass newspaper salespeople holding high the evenings headline. Never good news always bad.

    Today I listened to SIPTU’s Jack O’Connor say that public sector cuts will not solve our economic crisis, comment after comment from listeners flowed in attacking his opinion. We are a nation entering conflict and uncertainty, I’m buying blinkers and earmuffs.

  2. Ruck,

    Trying to support people at the sharp end of things is depressing. I’m worried about how some people will cope. No-one is speaking for some of them.

    But, having said that, I would rather be living here than in England.

  3. Ian ‘solutions’ its the new gobbledegook speak those snappy young ‘brainstorming’ advertising geeks come up with…….about the same amount of sense as the PC drone who sent the redundancy letter to the 13 year old just in case his human rights may have been breached…then his parents would sue…..!!!!!!!…I worked for Ted Gould when I was 13, I wonder if he ever thought of making me redundant when the haymaking was finished??!!!!!!It should be BAE ‘purveyors of the finest submarines’ All those new stupid descriptions make me seethe…It all started when Marathons became Snickers…..

  4. I would wonder if the parents might have grounds for an action against the company for emotional distress caused to a minor. The communication should have been with his parents.

    Had they just said, ‘We made a mistake in the way we have dealt with this, we’re sorry’, it might not have reached the press.

  5. Poor kid, how hard up must the paper have been to need to sacrifice such a tiny income. I hate those standard letter things.

  6. The newspaper market has really hit the bottom, the ressession has hurried the decline – apparently begun by the availability of newspapers/news on line. He can not deliver waht no-one wants. My sister is an accountant for Newsquest who produce the local papers.

  7. It’s the bureaucratic mindset that I couldn’t cope with. As bad as things are, people in Ireland are more human.

  8. But not recent experience of living in England, living it is not quite the same as it appears in the media etc.

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