Bee business — 3 Comments

  1. Great article. Beekeeping really is an incredible pastime, and does give you a different perspective on life. And it is not just for country dwellers – more and more people living in cities are starting to keep bees too. I would throughly recommend it as a tonic to the pace of modern life – and for all that delicious honey!

  2. My sister has bees next door . . .the beekeeper spends hours pootling about. He doesn’t seem to do much but clearly enjoys moving his hives around to give the little buzzers access to different trees and shrubs. I got one stuck in my hair once. Ouchies! Poor thing died for his craft.

  3. The beekeeping really does seem to provide tranquility – my fear would be getting stung – I would probably go into anaphylactic shock, I was stung by a wasp in 1981 and ended up having to go to hospital.

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