Tarka and the Fascists — 7 Comments

  1. Even Enid Blyton is not safe, apparantly she was reputed to have had a lesbian affair..!!!!!! well so what if she did…..the press still havn’t destroyed my memories of the Five……..

  2. I hadn’t realised BBC4 were running a series on Enid. Why on earth would people want to dig up stuff on her sexuality?

    The Radio 4 thing was meant to be a political style debate about otters and mink, but there was no reference to anyone else’s political views – sometimes I wish there could be programmes without people bringing their own comments into things.

  3. That was the Daily Mails contribution on ‘digging the dirt ‘ last Saturday. The media seem to want to rip apart and destroy everybodys life and reputation…. I too wish that that the news could be reported on the BBC and ITV as it happened not with the reporters putting their own spin on it.The presenter asks the question ‘what is your view’ ? ‘I think ‘yabber yabber yabber off goes the reporter………..Click goes my power button on the tele…………….

  4. I have a friend who worked in broadcasting who says the problem is the 24 hour news channels. They have to fill their schedules so generate their own stories. Instead of reporting the factual events, they interview some politician or other and take the comments as news and get their journalists to comment on the comments.

    There is also an obsession with the private lives of ‘personalities’ and so called revelations are put into the news columns of the red top papers.

  5. Actually – when the Daily Mail pops up in discussion on one national BBC radio network, the Hurrah for the Blackshirts episode is occasionally mentioned, as are the delusional love-ins of some writers on the left with Soviet Russia. Tends to be with Nicky Campbell or sometimes Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 live.
    More generally, I haven’t quite made up my mind on whether the objectionable beliefs of artists render their art beyond the pale. But I do like to be reminded, or challenged, about them – be they racism, anti-semitism, communism, whatever. Is that digging up the dirt, or merely giving a rounded picture?

  6. Must admit I tend only to listen to 5 Live for the football coverage. I don’t think I’d mind references to political beliefs where they are pertinent to the discussion, but it didn’t seem of much relevance to a programme on otters and mink and was done in a joking manner, which rather undermined the point anyway.

    There does seem an imbalance as well – Right-wing extremists tend to be identified while Stalinists and Maoists on the Left are given an easy time – maybe it was a case of the victors writing history after World War II.

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