Living by numbers — 4 Comments

  1. Leopold Kronecker, the great mathematician, once said, “God made the natural numbers; all else is the work of man.” He was talking of the positive integers, and I remember the wonder of discovering that all the other numbers we use – negative numbers, rational numbers, real numbers, complex numbers – and all their properties, may be constructed from them using only the laws of logic.

  2. Does zero count as a natural number? I was always suspicious of it.

    I fear the numbers used by the “Quants” to create the economic bubble defied all laws of logic.

  3. You almost said it. Numbers are our way of seeing the natural beauty of the world, the universe, everything. We have a natural love for things numerical and mathematical. What is music but another such view? What is Beauty? I ask a lot of questions, but I honestly, deeply believe that (among other matters) numbers are the braille indentations which allow us glimpses of a deep fact.
    The Bible is full of numbers! Look at the sunday notice board for hymn numbers! Everywhere!

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