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  1. A big thank-you Ian, It would have been wonderful to know how the Bellots were thought of in the village, I will ask my Mother if she has any recollections when I’m next there. Are you invesigating further?

  2. Don’t think there is much more I can do from here – I’d love to see some of the papers held in Taunton. I can’t even work out how the Bellots, a Surrey family, came to be living on Windmill Road, it was not exactly an obvious place to which to move! The mill closed in 1910 and when Bryson died in 1918, it was their address, so there must have been a move at some point in the years between.

  3. Despite your blog entry of 2009 re bellot family being long past, thought you might be interested …as part of the continuing work of the HH history project, I have spent some hours at somerset archives looking at the bellot papers.. Now know the family used the windmill as a summer residence., did not live there full time. Have found photo of bryson in full uniform standing in front of windmill. Ivor hitchens, renowned artist painted his portrait. At Bristol art gallery. On internet if you google bryson bellot and images. Father also painted. As yet no idea why they came to somerset. Did they know mrs Carne- hill at the court. Did she tell them of mill.
    We are currently preparing a book to be published in October. 1865 to 1965 photo and memories of parish life. You may be interested.

  4. I wonder why the windmill would appeal as a summer residence? It was not really convenient for anywhere.

  5. Have you seen the portrait of Lieutenant Bryson Bellot? I saw the painting below on pinterest. It caused me to search for this young man’s history. That search led me to this page at

    Here is the info on the painting: Portrait of Lieutenant Bryson Bellot (1893–1918), NSY , c. 1920 by Ivon Hitchens (British 1893-1979).

    It looks like it is a fine painting of a fine young man. RIP.

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