Up the republic — 2 Comments

  1. You’ve put your finger on the only reservation I have about the vilification of clergy in all this abuse business. That is – that by concentrating solely on their appalling behaviour in committing assaults or concealing assaults – we let ourselves off the hook as a society that let them get away with it.
    Thank goodness things have begun to change for the better.

    As for your true Irish republic requiring a complete separation of church and state – no arguments from me – though I do seem to remember (maybe incompletely) your concern about the cessation of the fairlt small state payments to Church of Ireland schools.
    (Apologies if I’m misrepresenting you. Or, if I’m not, for smartarsery.)

  2. Fair point.

    My defence would be that the schools under attack from Batt O’Keeffe are the only chance for many people to have an education not controlled by the Roman Catholic church. When he provides viable alternatives, or makes the existing schools into neutral places, he can then reasonably take grants away.

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