Why have we no songs of our own? — 6 Comments

  1. There was a discussion about carols on the Today programme this morning, one of the contributors sang the first line of Calyso Carol “see him lying on a bed of straw” – it’s been runnin g through my head all day.
    I used to love Singing Together, I wish it was still on. One could do the chores at home while singing along!

  2. I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, so could never sing along with anything. Would Singing Together not be considered ‘elitist’ now?

  3. If you were at home on your own, or with loved ones it wouldn’t matter about the tune. It’s good for your heart and lungs and mental state. You are probably right about the elitist tag.

  4. my sister Jacqui says she learnt a song called ‘give me a cot in the land of the mountains’ from Singing Together – hmm, think she imagined that one…
    Men of Harlech, The Pearly Adricatic, Lili Bolero, My bonnie lies over the ocean, Molly Malone, Linsteed Market. I’m going to test you on these next time I see you – get practicing!

  5. O give me a cot in the land of the mountains,
    Seclu-ded Merion eth, whose name I love well,
    There let me a – bide a -mid tor – rents and foun-tains,
    That leap on the hill – side and spring in the dell

    Land of the Silver Birch was best!

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