Conservative thoughts — 4 Comments

  1. Good point Ian – I think as the C of I we like to sit on the fence and bend over backwards (and even further if that’s possible) to pander to the whims of whatever is the current mood of the day. Then of course we quietly congratulate ourselves when we look at other churches struggle with sticking to centuries old formula that fly in the face of ‘modernity’. (Just my 2p’s worth 🙂

  2. Sometimes, there is a just a plain lack of integrity in our approach, saying one thing and doing the opposite; though I’m afraid of becoming an ecclesiastical ‘grumpy old man.’

  3. Thanks for this. I found myself wondering about this ‘altd’ verse as we sang it last Advent Sunday (I have only just come across your blog in the past week). You have confirmed my worst suspicions and exposed the Church of Ireland’s elephant in the corner regarding issues such as the ‘four last things’.
    (Perhaps becoming an ecclesiastical GOM is a good sign that you’re not prepared to put up with it any more!)

  4. I think ‘grumpy’ describes me better than ‘conservative’. I get just as cross at ‘conservative’ stuff! 😉

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