Caving in to pressure — 6 Comments

  1. Health to wear – as my Dad says.
    But helmet aside, congratulations on getting the thing, the anthology, you actually asked for – regardless of whatever happens. Someone obviously listens to you.

  2. Apparently, there was a ‘trying on’ session with the poor man in the shop having to deputise for me!

  3. In a similar situation I said I would like some decent writing paper or some new mugs (that match and have no rude slogans), Snow Patrol’s greatest hits or a book token. All of these suggestions were greeted with distain by my family (gosh what a waste of half an hour thinking of what I would like). Goodness knows what I will get – none of the above I suspect…

  4. how depressing. If I were not a singleton I would only want something sparkly.
    A male friend once bought me a deep fat frier – perhaps he was hoping I would get domesticated. I won’t tell you what I did with it.

  5. Fried him chips?

    I bought sparkly stuff as well – according to the list given to me with very specific instructions!

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