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  1. It’s a beautiful mural. And I’m familiar with Tír na nÓg through a wonderful little movie called “Into the West” fantastic if you get the chance to watch it and for me, a real slice of Irish life and Celtic legend combined.

  2. What I cannot fathom is why Oisin would want to leave Tír na nÓg – I must find the film sometime!

  3. Into The West is fun. I think the horse was called Tayto.
    Oisin came back for a visit, to see the old place and any old muckers still about. He didn’t intend to stay. He saw some old men trying to shift a boulders and leant over in the saddle to help them push. A strap snapped and he fell from his horse, breaking the spell and touching down once again in the real world. So he was stuck – and immediately and rapidly aged and died – lasting just long enough to be baptised. I think it made page 3 of the Shanganagh Valley News.

  4. Did he age 600 or 900 years or something like that in a moment?

    Sounds like part of the inspiration for Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray – he suddenly grows old in a moment

  5. @blackwatertown

    Page 3? Not our Oisín, surely! My goodness gracious me. What is the world coming to?

    “Neart inár ngéag” is only one consideration. “Glaine inár groíthe” and “beart de réir ár mbriathar” must also be taken into account. That only leaves the sports page. 🙁

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