Bridging a technological valley — 10 Comments

  1. Ian,
    Could it be that market economics as an organising principle of society is precisely the reason that people in places like Bujumbura do not have the most basic facilities?

  2. I would agree, but it would seem to be the only game in town. Somehow there needs to be a way of reforming the market system so as to ensure the huge disparities are addressed.

  3. I didn’t know that conditions were manufactured for the resorts….in my innocence I’d imagined that you simply used whatever snow fell and that the skiers made the tracks! Makes you think about the economics….and Kajiado (in my case) or …. wherever ….

  4. Liz,

    Reading a report from Kajiado and contemplating cable car going across the skyline would make you wonder about the world!

  5. Ian, in your heart you know the answer. There were the Babylon Gardens. Pyramids. Taj Mahal. And countless starving people. It was ever thus. Now that I think of it, there is a very fine church in London, St. Paul’s. Very sophisticated, I would venture. How many impoverished people live within 10 miles of it?Worshipping god and/or skiing appear to require man to develop structures to help him in his worship.
    Man is by nature not really an individual, but part of a group, society if you will. Following a belief, whether skiing or god, tends to blind people to the needs of others.
    Apologies for the short-hand nature of my reply.

  6. I told David McWilliams one day that I thought that there were two endemic things that must be considered for a Christian response to economics: one was sinfulness (or selfishness, call it what you like), and the other was the market (if people want something enough they will strive to find some way to pay for it.

    Sin and the market need to be addressed if things in Bujumbura, or around Saint Paul’s, are to change.

  7. One of the things that makes me a Protestant is a belief in individual conscience, making it possible to share ground with anyone who shares similar values 😉

  8. Hmm not much to add here but I think selfishness has a stake in this. We do have altruistic motives towards the third world at large but aren’t really prepared to follow through with economic support or helping them develop even the most basic infrastructure. I wonder if things would be different if we ‘needed’ their resources. Enjoy your piste!

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