Sermon for the Third Sunday after the Epiphany, 24th January 2010 (3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time) — 4 Comments

  1. Communities are the heart of the matter. You can have them in cities but it needs a sensitive development/expansion of the city which Dublin certainly has not had. A lot of urban problems stem from this.

    Congratulations on your innovative approach of trailing the next Sunday’s sermon. Could make for a more participative service.

    In the past, young people have left country communities and been seduced by the sense of freedom in the city. It eventually dawned on some of them that this freedom was at the expense of caring. Nobody cared what you did, but then, nobody just cared.

    And today we live with the realities of this elusive Utopia.

    [Note to self: stop preaching. 🙂 ]

  2. “The Plough and the Stars” came to mind in thinking of city communities!

    I think Irish people have a very strong sense of place – one of the reasons for the massive strength of the GAA. I also think Catholics are much better at community than Protestants, who can be very individualistic.

  3. Not being able to go to Church this morning means that I have been able to read the Sermon. Funny you should preach it on 24th January. 24th January 1977 we moved to a house in an estate on Sandyford Road called Ardglas. Sandra Lowther’s father came and plumbed in our washing machine that night too. God love the poor man it was raining hard and the estate did not have a proper road – I am sure we were not at all popular with him. Going to the shops I used to have to wear my wellington boots and put my shoes in the basket under the pram (David) and when I got on to the main road I had to change into my shoes. On the return home I had to take off the shoes and put back on the wellingtons. This lasted for a few weeks. B

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