Eyres or the Evangelicals? — 7 Comments

  1. Indeed! Then what is the point of religion, to make people feel comfortable or better about themselves…

  2. caring

    Caring is loving, motionless,
    An interval of more and less
    Between the stress and the distress.

    After the present falls the past,
    After the festival, the fast.
    Always the deepest is the last.

    This is the circle we must trace,
    Not spiralled outward, but a space
    Returning to its starting place.

    Centre of all we mourn and bless,
    Centre of calm beyond excess,
    who cares for caring has caress.

    F.R Scott

  3. I like the lines on caring attributed to the First Century Palestinian Carpenter who said, “Whatever you do for my brothers and sisters, you do for me”.

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