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  1. It’s so true though. We’re very much the same here. Governments have become ‘reactive’ and if there’s no push from the populace to change, they just sit on their laurels, levy more tax and warn us all that we have to ‘tighten our belts’ even further. At least it’s a Federal Election year here so some activity is bound to happen even if it’s a reaction to the threat of losing one’s seat.

  2. Extraordinary to think that it was 2007 when I sat and watched Howard and Rudd make two of the most gracious political speeches I have ever heard; extraordinary also that you have general elections every three years!

  3. It is interesting we have have the housing bubble, the bank crash now we are heading for something just as dangerous ….government debt crisis , countries all over the world will experience this problem. Irelands national debt including NAMA will be 120 billion by the end of 2010, that is 27,000 for every man, women and child in the state. Britain is not much better and as for the US it is now 1.2 trillion. Ireland is in PIGIS, Portugal, Ireland,Greece,Italy and Spain wich are the countries most at risk..problem children.
    This is our next financial crisis and it is going to be bad because it is a long term problem. Debt is like a cancer FF will rue the day they ever borrowed money!

  4. The bubble, crash and crisis are anticipated in Marxist analysis. Having a strong dislike for the sort of societies Marxists tend to create, it is disappointing there is no vision whatsoever being offered by the mainstream parties. Is there a single member of the Oireachtas of the calibre of a Beveridge or a Butler, saying that something worthwhile will emerge from the pain?

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