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  1. A friend was recently 39, she said she was having a mid-life moment (babies growing up etc). I replied that I didn’t have my so called ‘mid life crisis’ until I was 45 (and it is ongoing – although I didn’t tell her that!). Later when I was reflecting on the conversation, I realised I was 45 shortly after my Mother died ( a few days). it feels like a long time…

  2. A friend told me once that one’s parents are a line of defence against death. I only buried my Nan three years ago, so cannot pretend to understand what he was saying – maybe there is a sense of being more exposed to mortality?

  3. My father died when I was 16, I think it was more to do with realising that I was the ‘grown up’ (bizarre with three children and – at that time 2 grandchildren).

  4. Maybe that sense of being ‘grown up’ is part of realizing that one’s youth has gone. I’m not sure. I’m 50 this year; of course, in my head I’m still in my twenties.

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