Talking in a funny way — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve always found the myriad archdeaconry corridors and nooks and crannies confusing, and suspected they were a refuge for the smug and snooty. But having said that, the arcane and archaic often has a special charm, even if it gets in the way of present day activities.
    Therefore, I propose a new ecclesiastical hierarchical term – hidalgo. It’s fallen out of use elsewhere, so perhaps it could be retasked and reintroduced to mean – say – a replacement bishop, one who steps in when the incumbent is indisposed, overemotional, jailed or on holiday. It’s a great word. I regret it’s no longer used.

  2. Sounds to much like a Premier League footballer and, therefore, far too accessible to those who are not of the cognoscenti!

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