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  1. I have a 94 year old Granny. A couple of years ago she was like your young friend Mary. She’s not so young just now though. Time has speeded up over the past few months.
    On the plus side though, two of the staff looking after her are girls (women) she taught at primary school. They were delighted to see her, remembered her fondly and vividly, and now champion her. So not all good deeds are punished.

  2. My granny died three years ago at the age of 94, still living on the farm where she had lived since her marriage in 1935. My aunt had answered the door to the doctor, who had come on a house call because my granny had had a chest infection, and had gone to the kitchen to make some lunch, by the time he had got up the stairs my granny had gone – a good end.

  3. ‘One can be old at an early age and young at a late age.’ I like that phrase and it has given me inspiration!

    Ian, I want to go out like a light as your granny did. Quietly and with no fuss!

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  5. Interesting conversation about age, but something disturbed me a bit as I read, sorry. Can visiting the elderly really be pointless just because the family wasn’t aware you were there? It makes me sad that a clergyman would think that worth is measure but who knows what we do. Doesn’t God decide that? Just curious.

  6. “I don’t think the relative even knew I had been there.” She was my relative and I don’t think she knew I had been there, I was the family.

    In my own ministry I have spent twenty odd years visiting people in advanced illness, who probably have no awareness of my presence, but praying God’s grace might be present.

  7. Sorry Ian that was a little glib . . I have a friend who no longer visits her mother who has dementia and alzheimer’s disease because her mother no longer recognises my friend. I find that callous to the nth degree. She is still her mother, still able to enjoy a visit even if she doesn’t recognise her own daughter. Shoot me before I get there please.

  8. With the recent debate in the Uk re ‘assisted suicide’ that may be a possibility. This is a very subject topic and I imagine we have stories to tell but are best left unspoken…

  9. I’m good at being oblique, and sometimes, too often, obtuse, and sometimes, unfortunately, obnoxious!

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