“Who are the Beatles?” asks Church of Ireland Committee . . . — 9 Comments

  1. That leaves me speechless. What was the committee thinking about? Did no one vote against?

  2. Apparently, the Archdeacon of Glendalough tried to raise objection.

    The Bishop of Cork is suggesting the Church of Ireland is entering the age of the Gestetner!

  3. This is quite unbelievable – can it possibly be true?
    Perhaps we should pray that the Spirit in its own unscrutable way is leading us to form something new and better. Something more open and less denominational perhaps?

  4. Paddy Anglican and the Rambling Rural Rector were present in the room when it happened.

  5. Ah! The slippery slope began the day I left the Committee obviously 🙂

    On a more serious note it beggars belief, but reinforces some of the reasons why I left way back when.

    “O miser et infelix dies ille.”


  6. I think there is perhaps need to set up some provisional body.

    (in which Sylla was returned consul? You need to get a more up to date Latin book!)

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