Sermon for Mothering Sunday, 14th March 2010 — 4 Comments

  1. Nice job. Much better than the way most pastors handle the US equivalent of this day. I get the soul-piercing sorrow part – for sure! Gram

  2. Hello Gram,

    I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday, and young Goodnight – a painful day to mark.

  3. Ian: That’s kind of you. Mostly it doesn’t even bring us to tears. It’s that silent, unfillable void that just . . . is. We usually blow town and I allow us both to skip church, too. The corporation would call that a mortal sin, but methinks God knows where we are . . . Mother’s Day here is in May. Much too commercial and I never really heard a sermon about mothers worth the time it took to listen. But the passage you used is the heart of it all – for those of us who’ve lost a child. I guess I should speak for myself. Luke 2:19 got me by . . . . .LOTs of pondering in my heart! Know what I ponder? What to answer when people aske me if I have any children . . . . I still get that from time to time. The short answer is: No. The rude answer is: She’s dead. The sad answer is: I used to have a child and now I don’t. And if you run into any like me on Sunday, I hope they find comfort.

  4. Gram,

    There would be half a dozen people on a typical Sunday who have lost kids at varying ages. I reflect on that and realize I know nothing.

    With prayers.

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