Flush with cash — 4 Comments

  1. Good old days hey Ian, and before the government slapped tax on cider, a pint of scrumpy with a dash of Vimto at ‘Maisies’ back then was 18p !!!!!!! I could get drunk for 54p !!!!!!!!!

  2. Trying to drink three pints of scrumpy, I think I’d be sick before I got drunk!

  3. Oh for a pint ofTaunton dry, zider dash!

    Have you noticed the west country slipping westward? My village as a teenager was well inside the cider line and the scrumpy tap was on the bar. By the time I was forty, the scrumpy barrel was kept under the bar for the last few old-timers. Since then it has gone altogether and to get a pint of cider you must go to the next village.

  4. I think the West Country has been driven westwards by the suburbanization of England. Farming has become a commercial activity with fewer and fewer jobs and communities have changed with incomers and weekenders. There are probably parts of Cornwall that have become as suburban English as parts of Surrey as local people have been pushed out of the housing market by rising prices.

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